Rally's social enterprise accelerator's mission is to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas and existing work into sustainable ventures that create positive social change. A few times a year, we invite promising early-stage social ventures and entrepreneurs to join our four-month social enterprise-focused accelerator as Rally Fellows. During the program, Fellows receive mentorship, 1-on-1 coaching, and access to critical networks and community that's designed to help them develop and/or validate a business and social model, improve traction, and prepare for fundraising or revenue generating activities.

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Program Schedule Overview

Program Onboarding

Our goal is to ensure that every Fellow is able to turn their vision into a sustainable venture. As a result, preprogram onboarding is an essential part of the Rally Program. Onboarding activities start three weeks prior to the program start date. These activities include assigning and introducing ventures to their mentors and Fellows completing a Social Lean Business Model Canvas and a Theory of Change Matrix. Onboarding activities are mandatory and will be conducted virtually.

Rally Program

  • Week 1: Rally 1 (Winter Park, Florida)
  • Week 2 - 8: Weekly Fellow Meetups And Check-Ins (Virtual or Winter Park, Florida)
  • Week 9: Rally 2 (Orlando Florida)
  • Week 10 - 12: Weekly Fellow Meetups And Check-Ins (Virtual or Winter Park, Florida)
  • Week 13 - 14: Weekly Check-Ins (Virtual or Winter Park, Florida)
  • Week 15: Stakeholder Review (Virtual)
  • Week 16: Rally 3 (Winter Park, Florida)

Winter 2020 Program Schedule

Application Process

The Rally application process consists of 2 rounds. The first round requires applicants to submit short answers to questions about their business and social model. Following this round, all candidates will be notified via email of their application status. Applicants that are moved to round 2, will be invited to interview with the Rally team. During this interview, candidates will be given an opportunity to present their ventures and answer questions from the Rally team that dive deeper into organizational details (such as social mission, team, product/service, market fit, and budgets). After this round, successful candidates will be extended a Fellowship invitation into the next Rally Cohort.

Our application timeline is subject to change therefore, please review our up-to-date application timeline below. Additionally, we will always announce date and other need-to-know information changes via emails to candidates.  

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Question: What is a Rally?

During the program, Fellows will rally in Orlando Florida. Rallys are a mandatory part of the program. Additionally, on average, Rallys are 3 days long.

Rally 1: Program Kickoff (2-Days) - Orlando Florida
Day 1: New Cohort Welcome Event (2 Hour)
Day 2:Working Session ( 6 Hours) - During this season, Fellows with present their Social Lean Canvas Model and Social Outcome Matrix to the group. Following this activity, Fellows will receive 1-on-1 coaching and initial priorities and validation experiments will be established for each venture.

Rally 2: Mid Cohort Update (3-Days) - Orlando Florida
Day 1: Social Lean Canvas Retool - An in-depth review of each ventures existing Social Lean Canvas models and validation experiment results. Models and results will be presented, reviewed, discussed, and improved in group sessions. (6 Hours)
Day 2: Social Outcome Workshops - Ventures will be guided through activities that will help them to determine desired social outcomes and develop a strategy to achieve and measure. (6 Hours)
Day 3 - Facilitator Mid Program Review: Rally staff and Fellows will meet 1-on-1 to discuss and assess the ventures current progress and needs, review and modify business and social models, and set new directions and priorities. (2 Hours Per Venture)

Rally 3: Cohort Finally (2-Days) - Orlando FloridaDay 1: Presentation Review Session: Rally staff and Fellows will meet to present, discuss, and modify venture presentations (4 Hours).Day 2: Rally Public Presentation: Fellows will present their ventures to Rally stakeholders, impact investors and granters, corporate, municipal, and nonprofit partners, and the community at large.

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