Sergie Albino

Board Member

Serg is an aerospace and thermal engineering by trade as well as a serial entrepreneur. While working at NASA Kennedy Space Center, he worked alongside the inventor of the SPEARS technology. Recognizing the global impact of this breakthrough technology in environmental cleanup, Serg worked with NASA's Tech Transfer Program and founded ecoSPEARS to continue advancing this technology for worldwide environmental applications. Serg has been involved with the Crummer Entrepreneurial Scholar of Distinction (ESD) program working with teams of students to further develop and commercialize NASA technology. Prior to establishing ecoSPEARS, Serg mentored two Crummer ESD groups working on the SPEARS NASA tech on go-to-market, marketing, and sales strategies. Prior to ecoSPEARS, Serg founded IROC Tactical, a firearms accessory company focused on improving health, safety, and performance for law enforcement and the military. Serg directs the organization’s vision, mission, technical development as well as its business development and strategy formulation. A native of the Philippines and raised in New York City, Serg moved to Central Florida. He holds an Aerospace Degree from the University of Central Florida and an MBA with a focus on Operations & Technology Management from Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College.